CodyCross Astronomy Puzzle 15 Answers

In CodyCross Astronomy Puzzle 15 Answers post you will be able to find all the answers you were looking for grouped in one place. If one of the groups has any of the answers wrong than please feel free to contact us so we can fix this issue together. Below we have made a huge list with CodyCross Astronomy Puzzle 15 Answers.

CodyCross Astronomy Puzzle 15 Answers


  • Only the tip is above water Answers
  • Lise __ chemist had an element named after her Answers
  • A person who repairs the water systems or pipes Answers
  • My Big Fat Greek __ multi-cultural marriage film Answers
  • Near East historical empire Assur was capital Answers
  • Sloping letters used for emphasis Answers
  • Italian whey cheese meaning recooked Answers
  • Top of a convertible that is rigid not soft Answers
  • __ Away in 2006 starred Hugh Jackman as Roddy Answers
  • Cosmetics or lotion to give tanned look to skin Answers
  • Moon phase between half-moon and full moon Answers
  • Birth surname of Pope John Paul II Answers
  • Upbeat hit for Madonna in 1989 Answers
  • Law & Order: Special __ Unit; crime procedural Answers
  • To cut someone down insult opposite of build up Answers
  • Seven __ star group also called the Pleiades Answers
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