CodyCross Astronomy Puzzle 1 Answers

In CodyCross Astronomy Puzzle 1 Answers post you will be able to find all the answers you were looking for grouped in one place. If one of the groups has any of the answers wrong than please feel free to contact us so we can fix this issue together. Below we have made a huge list with CodyCross Astronomy Puzzle 1 Answers.

CodyCross Astronomy Puzzle 1 Answers


  • Neo-noir action thriller starring Keanu Reeves Answers
  • Once in a __ = very seldom Answers
  • __ Crusoe novel by Daniel Defoe Answers
  • To the French a parapluie Answers
  • Disc-shaped galaxy that contains our Sun Answers
  • 90s sitcom with high pitched female lead Answers
  • A person who makes or repairs fire arms Answers
  • __ in Blue Gershwin classic Answers
  • Landlocked South American country Answers
  • The Magus who brought frankincense Answers
  • Mammal that feeds on ants and termites Answers
  • Extra hours of work Answers
  • The word planet is derived from the Greek for __ Answers
  • Spanish __ bloody national conflict 1936-1939 Answers
  • Liza __ Judy Garland’s daughter Answers
  • One piece body fashion item Answers
  • Green __ Bottles fizz by Andy Warhol Answers
  • Type of external motor invented by Ole Evinrude Answers
  • Metal tab at the top of a drinks’ can Answers
  • Three-headed dog that guards the entrance to Hades Answers
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