CodyCross Africa Puzzle 14 Answers

In CodyCross Africa Puzzle 14 Answers post you will be able to find all the answers you were looking for grouped in one place. If one of the groups has any of the answers wrong than please feel free to contact us so we can fix this issue together. Below we have made a huge list with CodyCross Africa Puzzle 14 Answers.

CodyCross Africa Puzzle 14 Answers


  • Desert trading city in Mali far away place Answers
  • A quicker path or easier way of doing something Answers
  • Simplifying the value of a number Answers
  • An annoying hole in a car or bicycle tire Answers
  • Ancient military piece that throws objects Answers
  • Most popular bag for students Answers
  • A doctor prescribes this Answers
  • Woody’s toy horse in Toy Story 2 Answers
  • Singer of tunes and player of instruments Answers
  • Lucky Irish plant with three leaves Answers
  • Southern African desert mostly in Botswana Answers
  • A spice used largely for desserts worldwide Answers
  • This Batman enemy is found in a deck of cards Answers
  • Word game with tiles Answers
  • __ Holmes character by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle Answers
  • French general and Emperor Answers
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